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YAWE Foundation has hosted dozens of volunteers over the years. Come spend time with us and experience the ways YAWE Foundation impacts people's lives. Enjoy the beauty of the Fort Portal area as you work with with staff to improve the community.


Discover our ongoing projects and make a contribution that goes directly to improving the lives of people in Rwenzori region of Uganda. Choose to support the sector that is most meaningful to you. Whether it be food security, education or health initiatives .

Core Programs

YAWE Foundation’s core programs fall within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. However, our programs are focused on identifying the marginalized individuals and empowering them with skills, health, and economic opportunity. This means sponsoring Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to attend school or teaching the youth transferable skills to generate their own income. In order to be successful, our programs are designed with key stakeholders at the beginning and always have a sustainability plan established. 


  • HIV Prevention and Management
  • Sexual Reproductive health
  • Cervical Cancer screening
  • Antenatal and Maternity Services.


  • Welding
  • Woodworking
  • Computer skilling
  • Community Radio .

Sports and culture

  • Women Empowerment
  • Cultural group
  • Involvement in Sports
  • Care Givers Support.


  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Nutrition Education
  • Food Aid to Vulnerable families.

Latest News

Our blog is a hub for the latest news and updates on our day-to-day operations and programs, as well as those of our partners. We post weekly updates on the activities of YAWE Foundation and share stories of impact and success in the communities we serve. Stay tuned for inspiring content and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our work.

Empowering Communities for Better Nutrition: The CASCADE Project

Empowering Communities for Better Nutrition: The CASCADE Project

Introduction Under the Catalyzing Strengthened Policy Action for Healthy Diets and Resilience (CASCADE) Project, CARE International in Uganda, in partnership with YAWE Foundation, has taken significant steps to address malnutrition in the Tooro region. By focusing on community-driven change, the project aims to improve food security and nutritional practices in a region that, despite being…

YAWE Foundation Celebrates World Environment Day with Fruit Tree Planting Initiative

YAWE Foundation Celebrates World Environment Day with Fruit Tree Planting Initiative

Recognizing World Environment Day in Kabarole District With an increasing young population and growing environmental pressures, YAWE Foundation took the opportunity to recognize World Environment Day. Located in Kabarole District, known for its temperate climate and fertile soil, the organization worked to plant five hundred fruit seedlings in public areas and the surrounding neighborhood. Nutrition…

Empowering Young Mothers: A Special Women’s Day Celebration at YAWE Foundation

Empowering Young Mothers: A Special Women’s Day Celebration at YAWE Foundation

Today at YAWE Foundation, we marked Women’s Day with a heartwarming celebration dedicated to supporting young mothers, particularly those who are navigating the challenges of single parenthood. This special event took a meaningful turn as we welcomed Hon. Linda Irene Nyinabarongo Amooti and Madam Catherine Kemigabo Ateenyi, who shared words of encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment…

How We Work.

Through the help of community leaders and partner organizations, we are able to identify and assist individuals living in high risk environments. Once a relationship is established, that person can be enrolled into the different vocational activities. Also, we often identify people in need of support through our frequent health outreach programs. Additionally, we operate a safe space for the youth to come and seek appropriate services. We pride ourselves on availability as someone is always ready to respond to a need when the time comes. 

Youth Skilled
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Community Health Outreaches
Disabled Children Reached

What Our Beneficiaries say

At YAWE Foundation, we value feedback and take the time to listen to what people are saying about our work and the experiences of our beneficiaries. We make a concerted effort to read through comments, reviews, and suggestions to continuously improve and make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.

Who We Work With

Collaboration is key in our line of work, and we have been fortunate to partner with several organizations that share our mission and values, and together, we have been able to make a significant impact in our communities. See the list of implementing partners below: