Our Work

What We done with Your Help

Over the course of the 23 years YAWE Foundation has been able to achieve several milestones. First, our medical services are available 24hours at the Clinic in Rwengoma. A variety of services are offered in a time friendly and cost effective manner. Another, the vocational school trains over fifty youth every year. These beneficiaries go on to start their own business with the knowledge they’ve acquired. In addition, YAWE offers effective home based healthcare Including: physical therapy, counseling, supplying medication, and chronic illness management. 

Learn The Stories of those we have already helped


Raphael had delayed development but with therapy, started sitting at 1 year, standing at 2, and walking at 6 after surgery. ... Read More


Gloria, born prematurely with frequent seizures, had delayed development but improved with physiotherapy. She now attends school and has received various forms of support...Read More


Kugonza Mackline's leg injury during birth caused uneven growth, but therapy helped match her leg heights. She's now in senior two and has received support...Read More

Sub-Counties we Operate in

We operated in the following sub-counties of Kabarole district; Bukuuku, Busoro, East division, Hakibaale, Karambi, Kasenda Sub-county, West division, East division, South division, Mugusu, Buheesi, Ruboona Town Council, Kichwamba, Kibiito Town Council, Kibiito, Kisomoro, and Rwimi Town Council


I think that the work Yawe is doing is amazing, that it has touched a lot of lives and helped a lot of youths. I think that the diversity of the programs at Yawe are very important with the training and medical side since this is my second year visiting Yawe, even from last

Rosie Sheffer

I have been visiting Yawe for around six years and I have seen it grow from a small operation and now its march more focused of medical issues that can help on the society, educational issues training and many things that’s can impact on the Ugandan society especially youths and young people and I fully support the organization.

Roy Clack Professor