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In 2022, we continued to Increase access to basic education to OVC, especially those that are affected or infected by HIV and other marginalized children mainly disabled, to access education opportunities despite poverty and vulnerability level in the community. In this year we have retained all 44 students with 2 new enrolments in the program whom we have tried to give school support information on school fees and other health basic care, especially the disabled children.

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We had 6 candidates, 2 tertiary, 2 secondary level 2 primary level and we are hopeful they will all excel. With the support from our donor, we hope to support the continuing students to another level of education and to graduate the other two who have completed the tertiary. Thanks to our supporters especially PFK and another individual for the genuine support of the OVC.

Smiling face of Gloria ready for school

Gloria has the inability to stand and walk. Gloria is a twin sister and lives with her single mother. Her mother does casual labor in digging to earn a living. Unfortunately, Gloria’s father who abandoned his children a long time ago recently died towards the end of 2022.

Gloria was very happy to see herself in school under sponsorship. She wants to become a teacher when she grows up.

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