Last year (2021) we registered significant improvement in Nancy’s life. Nancy a 45-year-old stroke client who was enrolled in our program 5 years ago registered improvement in walking 3 meters independently. For years Nancy has been having fears of making steps without external support. After a series of routine intense practices in recommended areas, Nancy now takes steps between 2 to 3 meters. Nancy couldn’t believe doing this and was full of smiles as she walked. There is the hope of walking again straight only is still being challenged by her left affected leg whose feet can’t firmly stand and touch the ground properly due to the late deformity. However, there are chances of correcting it through physiotherapy. On the other hand, her upper limbs, the left one is showing mild chances of functioning again.  This is being explained in the management of stroke patients; late interventions affect the recovery of upper limbs mostly than the lower limbs.  After the walking exercise, we did more rehabilitation exercises of jumping over the midline, bridging, flexing of limbs, hand reaching, and those aimed at breaking the extensor patterns. We hope to see Nancy getting better this year. 

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