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YAWE Foundation’s Impactful Health Outreach at Fort Portal Secondary School

At the core of YAWE Foundation’s mission is a commitment to community well-being, and on March 1st, 2024, this mission resonated through the halls of Fort Portal Secondary School. Aligned with our objectives and vision, the YAWE Medical Team conducted a dynamic outreach, reaching over 1500 students from S1 to S6.

Empowering Futures: Career Guidance Session:

Led by our dedicated mental health therapist, Marjorie Kansiime, students immersed themselves in insightful career guidance sessions. Focused on inspiring a pursuit of dreams, fostering patience, and instilling perseverance, the sessions also emphasized the importance of healthy relationships while discouraging negative influences.

Caption: Marjorie Kansiime, YAWE’s mental health therapist, inspiring students during the career guidance session.

Health Education for Holistic Well-being:

In tandem with career guidance, health education became a cornerstone of the outreach. Approximately 1500 students were enlightened on various health topics, including HIV/AIDS, STIs, urinary tract infections, and oral hygiene. Our clinicians and educators worked collaboratively to promote awareness and encourage positive health-seeking behaviors.

Caption: Clinicians conducting engaging health education talks.

Screening for Health:

In the pursuit of comprehensive care, the medical team screened over 300 students for HIV testing eligibility, conducting tests for 194 students. While most results were negative, one positive case is being diligently followed up for enrollment in our HIV care services. Blood pressure measurements identified one student with elevated levels, reinforcing the importance of lifestyle management.

Caption: YAWE medical team conducting HIV testing and blood pressure measurements.

Consultations and Interventions:

Over 80 students consulted with our clinicians, addressing various health concerns such as UTIs and Gastritis/Peptic Ulcer Disease. Non-pharmacological management strategies were emphasized, and prescriptions provided where necessary.

Caption: Clinician Kenneth in a medical consultation session.

Promoting Overall Well-being: Deworming and Vitamin A Supplementation:

Recognizing the importance of preventive measures, 850 students were dewormed, and 600 students received Vitamin A supplements, contributing to better overall health and well-being.

Caption: Nurse Mable serving dewormers and Vitamin A supplements.

Achievements and Challenges:

The outreach yielded inspiring achievements, including heightened student awareness and understanding of health conditions. However, limited resources posed challenges, highlighting the need for increased support and partnerships.

Recommendations and Gratitude:

Looking forward, we advocate for more outreach initiatives and strengthened partnerships to address the needs of larger populations. YAWE Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to FORT PORTAL SS administration, the YAWE medical team, the Executive Director, and all partners for their invaluable support.

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