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Empowering Youth Through Grass Roots Soccer: A Successful Graduation Ceremony

On Monday, 01/08/2023, a significant milestone was achieved as the inaugural cohort of Grass Roots Soccer celebrated their graduation ceremony. The team, aptly named “Team Healthy Living,” had diligently completed thirteen impactful sessions centered around vital topics such as HIV prevention, cultivating positive relationships, and understanding bodily changes.

Throughout the program, participants were encouraged to identify personal goals that would pave the way to realizing their dreams. As the program unfolded, the team collectively witnessed the progress they had made towards these goals, reflecting the profound impact of their journey. In a bid to assess the program’s efficacy, a pre-test and post-test evaluation were conducted.

The memorable graduation ceremony took place at St. Andrew’s Church in Rwengoma, radiating an atmosphere of accomplishment and promise. The event was marked by captivating demonstrations of two interactive games, each underlining crucial lessons.

One engaging activity centered around juggling multiple balls, symbolizing the myriad responsibilities that young minds must navigate. As the game evolved, a larger ball was introduced, signifying the challenges posed by negative peer influences. This disruption vividly illustrated the importance of adhering to positive choices.

The second demonstration artfully juxtaposed healthy and unhealthy relationships. A poignant soccer match showcased the dynamics between players, with one scenario highlighting a defender’s role and the other emphasizing teamwork and collaboration.

The ceremony crescendoed with an inspiring address from the deputy headteacher of Kahinju Primary School, urging the youth to continue making informed decisions. Certificates of achievement were proudly conferred upon the participants, a testament to their dedication and attendance. Heartfelt gratitude was extended to the Kahinju Primary School staff whose unwavering support played an instrumental role in realizing the Grass Roots Curriculum. Special recognition was accorded to Teacher Emmanual for his direct and impactful contributions to the class.

The graduation ceremony of Team Healthy Living not only celebrated accomplishments but also sowed the seeds for a brighter future, exemplifying the power of sports-based education in shaping resilient, informed, and empowered youth.

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  1. Good job,I am also a grassroot soccer coach trained by Peace corps,working here at St.Adolf primary school,together with Charlie Touch, I’m also a counterpart,a social worker and a teacher by profession volunteering at Yolida,giving pyscho-social support to the youth living with HIV.Im ready to volunteer in your organization too and i appreciate you for the good work.

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